Five Projects Under $5,000 that can make an impact on your brand today.

The Current Global Pandemic has us working and living at a distance.

Time outside the office is a great time to evaluate your brand, train your team and community, and upgrade your customers' "long distance" experience with your business, organization, product or service.

We're sharing 5 important creative projects that can make a major impact on your brand, and can typically be executed for less than $5,000.

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01. Basic E-Course

Distance learning is not just for universities. When your office or facility is closed to the public, or your training team is furloughed, you may need new resources to educate your audiences and community, and guide your customers, clients and employees through important processes, teach new skills and share instructions and data. Plus, this extended “at-home” period is a great time to try new technology, complete training, and learn new skills. Custom E-courses are a smart way to package content, educate and inform. E-courses are useful tools to share data when you are far away or less accessible. The format works well in the office and at long distances, while making content easier to digest, and allows everyone to learn at their own pace.

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02. Motion Graphics Explainer Video.
Motion Graphics explainer videos animate and translate important data into easy to-digest infographics.

For important content that you want to celebrate, like meeting milestones, community impact, surviving the Pandemic, or new fundraising goals and achievements, it’s a fun and shareable way to spread the word.

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03. Web Pub

Web Pubs are publications or documents that are HTML, and can be navigated like a website. They’re great because users can read them like a stand alone publication, but also navigate to different sections with links like a guidebook. You can also embed video, audio, forms and downloads for a truly self-contained communications tools. When your customers are far away, a web-pub packages all the content you want customers and clients to consume, in a compact, linear, and easy-to-digest format.

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04. Touchpoint Audit & Brand Refresh

For many marketers, communicators and leaders sitting at home, calling in from their home offices on Zoom and hangouts, some of the imperfections and flaws in some of the elements of your brand can end up under your magnifying glass. With a touchpoint audit, we will evaluate each of the elements that make up your brand, on every platform. We’ll then recommend improvements for the brand, and Refresh and unify your icons, identity system, and other elements like color and photo style to reflect who you are today, and where you’re headed.

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05. Custom Presentation Design

When you can’t get in for an in-person meeting, a custom presentation tells your story, at an easily digestible pace. It’s a great way to blend your vision, achievements, goals, and plan into 1 package to share with customers, donors, investors, and advocates for your organization and Brand.